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Simoni Facelift Recovery

After your Simoni facelift, our experienced staff at Simoni Plastic Surgery will monitor you until you have sufficiently recovered; it is then you will be allowed to go home (you will need a ride as you may not be able to drive yourself).

Facelift Dressing Info

You will go home with gauze and bandages over your incisions. It is normal to see some pinkish or red drainage on the gauze. However, if the dressing seems to be getting soaked with red blood, contact Dr. Simoni. If you had any neck or chin work done (platysmaplasty) in addition you will also have a bandage that warps around the top of your head and under your chin to keep pressure applied. In case you feel this bandage choking you at some points you can open the bandage and re-wrap the dressing looser. In case you want our nurse to adjust it contact our office and we arrange for you to be seen in time.

Pain and Discomfort After Facelift

For most facelift patients there is usually some discomfort but it is not significant. Dr. Simoni will have prescribed a medicine to help subside the pain. The most common complaint after facelift is tightness and/or a pulling feeling. As your skin relaxes, the swelling will subside a bit and you will adjust to the tightness, discomfort will then slowly go away. If at any time you feel a significant amount of pain or the pain seems to be increasing contact Dr. Simoni immediately. During this initial healing time of the first few days it’s best to keep your head elevated as well, to keep the swelling to a minimum.

Numbness after Facelift

Numbness after facelift is normal. Feeling will begin to return within a few weeks and will be completely gone after several months. Note that decreased nerve sensation puts you at a higher risk for burns from everyday things like cold packs and hot hair tools including your blow dryer. Many people also may experience ringing in the ears. This will stop over time. As the nerve sensation returns, you may feel itching, shooting pain and/or shock like sensations. This is minimal and can be helped with an aspirin. Do not take any other form of medication besides over the counter Pain meds without consulting Dr. Simoni first.

After Facelift Care

Dr. Simoni will want to see at the end of the first few weeks after your facelift surgery. He will need to either remove the face lift sutures, stitches, and/or clips. He will then be able to assess your progress and check your facelift healing.

Hygiene Tips After Facelift

In terms of hygiene post op you will not be able to wash your hair two days after your simoni facelift and cannot color it for 4-8 weeks. So if you need to do these things make sure to do them before the surgery. Also, all dental work needs to wait at least 4 weeks after facelift.

Food After Facelift

A liquid and soft foods diet is suggested for the first week following facelift so chewing is minimized. Soup, Jell-o, yogurt, and smoothies are all great options while crackers, bread, toast or rice is good to snack on before taking antibiotics to appease the nausea feeling brought on by the drugs.

Activity After Facelift

Rest is imperative to your facelift healing. Too much activity too soon will slow down your face lift healing time and potentially cause problems. at least for one week, we do not recommend exercise, long distance driving, major shopping, sex, heavy lifting, cleaning the house, etc. Engaging in activity or getting bumped in the surgical site can cause blood or fluid accumulation and rip the stitches or cause infection.

Return to Work After Facelift

Most Simoni facelift patients can return to work anywhere from 7 to 10 days  after the Simoni Lift. In the case of a ‘mini-lift” most can expect a shorter recovery time.